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Weihai Wei Heng Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2015. Professional production and processing of electronic connecting line, the main products include computer signal line (VGA products, DVI products, HDMI products, DP products, etc.), data cable (USB products), aviation plug and waterproof wire series products, LED lighting, LVDS CABLE, DC low-voltage lines, each kind of equipment inside the machine beam etc.. In December 2016 the company passed the ISO9000 quality system certification


The company has 14 kinds of injection molding machines, of which 2.5 tons, 4 units, 2 tons, 10 units. Automatic press 6 units, other crimping equipment 16, meet the requirements of all types of wiring harness processing equipment. The existing staff of more than 60 people. Company's existing testing machine 8, is the domestic wire harness processing industry high-end testing equipment, can be small spacing between PIN and PIN for high-pressure testing, insulation testing, to meet product performance requirements.


The company has established a series of quality assurance system processes from incoming to outgoing and customer after-sales service. The existing clients are SEMYOUNG, SUNIX, Ji'nan Hengyu electronics, Yamato Ayaka lighting, Kunshan conquermars electron. Supply for nearly a year, the customer did not complain about the bad situation of the product. For employees from the factory to the production line operations, have carried out post training, factory education, etc., to ensure the operation in accordance with SOP.


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