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Sensors take the "innovation" sail and move forward quickly

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The so-called sensor, simply: is the ability to sense the electronic components in the physical state of the external environment changes, and the physical changes, including speed, temperature and electricity, vehicle sensor is installed on the car, and a sensor for sensing the change in the driving process of Chinese and foreign.

Some sensor markets, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, and horizontal sensors, have shown the characteristics of mature markets. The market of flow sensors, pressure sensors and temperature sensors is the largest, accounting for 21%, 19% and 14% of the sensor market, respectively. The main growth of the sensor market comes from wireless sensors, MEMS (Micro-Electro-MechanicalSystems, micro electro mechanical systems) sensors, biosensors and other emerging sensors. Among them, the wireless sensor in 2007-2010 years CAGR is expected to exceed 25%.

At present, the global sensor market in the ever-changing innovation, showing a rapid growth trend. Experts pointed out that the main technology in the field of sensors will be extended and improved on the existing basis, countries will compete to accelerate the development and industrialization of a new generation of sensors, competition will become increasingly fierce. The development of new technologies will redefine the future of the sensor market, such as wireless sensors, fiber sensors, smart sensors and metal oxide sensors and other new sensors and market share expansion.

According to authoritative institutions predict, from 2004 to 2009, the global vehicle sensors will show about 9% growth rate, in 2008 the market demand is estimated to reach 1 billion 487 million. Chinese car market is a hotbed of sensor development, jishizixun (CCWResearch) the latest survey data show that in 2006, Chinese automobile sensor market sales of $390 million, representing a growth rate of 42.8%, the annual compound growth of 2007~2010 Chinese automobile sensor market sales rate of more than 35%. Among them, the market sales in 2007 will reach $540 million, representing a growth rate of 36.3%; in 2009 the market value will be close to $1 billion 50 million, an increase of 40.5%; the market sales in 2010 will exceed $1 billion 320 million, an increase of 35.2%.

Tsinghua University Automotive Institute Professor Yuan Dahong told reporters: "ordinary automobile sensor technology is not difficult, there are also widely used in the car at present, such as temperature sensor, ABS wheel speed sensor."”

The rapid development of China's sensor market, thanks to the rapid development of car market. At present, an ordinary family car is installed about dozens to nearly a hundred sensors, and the number of sensors on the luxury car can be as many as 200. In 2006, China's car market exceeded 7 million 200 thousand vehicles, of which 5 million passenger cars exceeded. 2007 domestic car sales will be more than 8 million vehicles, sensors sales will rise.

Local sensor stability needs to be improved

Demand for car sensors in North America has grown at an annual rate of 10%, and will grow to $4 billion 500 million by the end of 2007. Among them, the use of car rollover sensors will increase, it is expected that 2003~2008 rollover sensor module compound annual growth rate will reach 32.3%.

With the expansion of vehicle sensors in China, the local enterprises must achieve a breakthrough in accuracy and reliability to achieve great development.

He Yujun, Secretary General of the China Automotive Engineering Society automotive electronics branch, told reporters: "automotive sensors are the basis for many automotive parts giants. At present, many domestic enterprises in the materials, design, technology and other aspects of a certain extent, can produce a lot of basic sensors, but in terms of the accuracy and reliability of foreign enterprises is still a big gap, many advanced technologies, especially the new design principle and core module of sensor technology, or by foreign companies to grasp. At present, domestic enterprises are relatively independent development, mainly with overseas behind, which clearly shows that enterprises in R & D investment inadequate."”

Traditionally, vehicle sensors market is based on the OEM mode of operation, and usually do not need to directly face the consumers, therefore, car manufacturers and suppliers have decided to first sensor specifications of rights, in other words, for the sensor suppliers, manufacturers and suppliers is their customer first.

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